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Keolis operates fixed-route local and express transit routes in Las Vegas for the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada. The contract includes service along the resort corridor of Las Vegas Boulevard as well as the Deuce on the Strip and the Strip and Downtown Express routes, including such landmarks as the Bellagio fountain, MGM Grand and New York-New York Hotel and Casino. Routes average weekday ridership of nearly 102,000 passengers, with 87,000 and 76,000 on Saturday and Sunday respectively.


Keolis Transit America (KTA), Keolis’ subsidiary based in California, will operate, as from the 7th July 2013, the majority of the bus network in Las Vegas.

Yesterday, the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) awarded the southern fixed-route bus contract to Keolis Transit America (KTA). The five-year contract, extensible to ten years, is one of two management contracts for the Southern Nevada transit system. It will generate a total turnover of 500 million US dollars.


The whole network was divided into 2 lots with the objective of having 2 different operators running the services.

Keolis won the most important of the two packages (approximately 30 million passengers a year), which includes service along the resort corridor of Las Vegas Boulevard as well as the Deuce and SDX express route.

KTA won this contract as a result of its commitment, reliability and its capacity to understand and adapt to the local authorities’ needs and to build strong partner relationships with them.

The bus fleet counts 207 vehicles (55% of the whole network) including double decker buses and 50 BRTs (Bus Rapid Transit). These buses all use alternative energies (Gas and hybrid vehicles). There are 15 fixed routes including 10 local routes and five express routes. Keolis will be responsible for staffing, customer service, maintenance and general operations for the system.

“We are obviously very pleased that Keolis has been selected to manage and operate this essential component of the regional mass transit system in Southern Nevada,” said Michael Griffus, Chief Executive Officer for Keolis Transit America. “We believe that this system has great potential to grow and expand, and we look forward to partnering with the RTC to bring our commitment to quality service, customer appreciation and transportation best practices.”

Keolis has selected transit administrator Dwight Brashear as general manager for Southern Nevada operations. Dwight has more than 25 years of transit experience, starting first as a bus operator, rising through the ranks to manage the San Diego Transit system. He also has served as general manager and vice president for transit operations in other communities, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Washington, DC. In 2005, while serving in Baton Rouge, Brashear was selected by Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco to become the state transportation coordinator for the evacuation of the New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina. 
Dwight joined Keolis Transit America in 2010 as executive vice president of business development.

A key milestone in North America
This is a major step for Keolis in the USA and fits the growth strategy the Group has in this region, both in transit and rail activities.

“This new contract is the result of the successful integration of KTA in the Group,” comments Bernard Tabary, CEO International. “This will boost our growth on the US market in key areas: urban transportation, para-transit, shuttle services, and on-demand transportation. It shows that we can become a major player on this market, where we currently have several ongoing tenders”.

Keolis has been in Canada since 1999 and has had rail activities in Washington area since 2010 with the commuter service Virginia Railway Express. The creation of KTA at the start of 2012 (following the acquisition of Tectrans in November 2011) has opened new perspectives to the Group by complementing Keolis’ existing rail activities with a local expertise in transit and para-transit transportation.

As of today

Today, Keolis and the RTC continue to work together to improve the passenger experience for locals and tourists alike, and as the operation flourishes, so does the positive economic impact on the community. Using the latest technology in capturing real-time information from the field, tremendous improvements have been made to the operation’s on-time performance and efficiency. The team has also seen huge success in improving system and bus maintenance processes. For example, prior to Keolis, buses remained out-of-service for an average of 30 days. Keolis and the RTC have brought that number down to an average of seven days. Late pull-outs are down over 84% and the operation continues to hire and successfully train a staff of over 500.



"I am pleased to announce this partnership between Keolis and Nesma. Together, we bring best in-class global expertise, combined with strong local knowledge and support.

Faisal Saleh Al Turki | Vice President , Nesma Holding - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia