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Keolis Group

Keolis Middle East is a subsidiary of the Keolis Group, a world-leading operator in public transport. Established in 16 countries, Keolis possesses an unparalleled range of expertise to support the goals of local transport authorities and deliver world-class services to the communities they serve. Throughout its activities across the globe, the Group has a proven track record in attaining high standards of safety, reliability, availability and punctuality.


Our Values

We Imagine

Keolis is an innovative partner, working continuously to create solutions to meet the needs of our customers, today and in the future. We’ve been managing complex passenger transportation for more than a century and we’re on a constant quest to find better ways for providing superior service to the communities.

We Care

Thinking Like A Passenger is not just a slogan. Transporting passengers safely, reliably and comfortably is at the heart of everything we do, everywhere. Treating our employees with respect is fundamental to our success. 

We Commit

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner and giving back to the diverse communities we serve is part of our core values. We work together with local authorities and stakeholders in a climate of mutual trust, cooperation and transparency.

Story in 10 dates


Keolis is the result of more than a century of regrouping amongst French companies working in different sectors of public transport: the automotive industry, electrical supply industry and urban and regional transport. Over the course of the 20th century, various restructuring operations, mergers and acquisitions took place, from which two key players emerged: VIA GTI in urban transport; and Cariane in regional transport. In 1999, SNCF became the leading shareholder in VIA GTI, which merged with Cariane. The new company was renamed Keolis in 2001. SNCF has remained Keolis’ main shareholder and today owns 70% of its capital, with Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec owning 30%.

In 2005 Keolis wins the Southern Rail franchise in the UK with Go-Ahead. In 2006, Birth of an independent rail company in Germany with the attribution of the operating contract for Hellweg-Nets.



Keolis becomes 100% owner of Danish bus company City - Trafik.

keolis in 2008

Purchase of majority shareholding in Belgian bus company Eurobus Holding.

keolis in 2001

New activities in Melbourne (Australia), Washington DC (USA), Bergen (Norway), and Bordeaux (France).


Merger with EFFIA. Renewal of urban contracts in Lyon and Lille (France).

Purchase of Tectrans in the USA (renamed Keolis transit America). Keolis wins the Orleans urban network in France.

Buy out of remaining share capital in Syntus (Netherlands) and Orleans Express (Canada). Establishment in Hyderabad (India).

Keolis wins the contract from the Las Vegas (Unites States) bus network, Launch of the Keolife programme.

A full year of major events, with the renewal of Keolis contract in Bordeaux and the award of contracts for Boston suburban trains, London Docklands Light Railway and Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern rail franchise (UK).

Purchase of ATE, one of Australia's main bus operators, which extends Keolis presence in the country.

Role As An Operator

Keolis is equipped to meet the challenges of modern public transport across the world thanks to its multi-modal expertise and a strong knowledge-management culture firmly rooted within the group across all of its subsidiaries.

The group brings its public transport authority clients a full range of expertise and solutions. Its majority shareholder SNCF, the French national railway company, brings key support, experience and expertise to a number of projects.

Throughout all of its activities and countries, the group has a proven track record in attaining high standards of reliability, availability and punctuality, thanks to the implementation of operations and maintenance processes targeting the optimal delivery of public transport services. As a partner to transport authorities, Keolis has the capacity to adapt to changing needs and expectations, constantly delivering the high standards of quality and security imperative in today's public transport provision.

One of the group's key strengths is its ability to accompany public transport authorities in the construction of new transport networks or extensions to existing networks. In light rail projects, Keolis brings the operator's viewpoint to the table, helping authorities to financially optimise their operations throughout the lifetime of the light rail system. On bus networks and at the request of PTAs, Keolis often redesigns routes and timetables to account for changing lifestyle patterns detected by its own specialist research.

During the period running up to operations, Keolis draws on its extensive experience gained from networks in France and elsewhere. It assigns multinational teams of experts to the project and brings design and engineering expertise to the preparation phase, as well as leading training programmes for operations staff.

Across The Globe


As a multimodal operator, the Group offers a new passenger experience through seamless end-to-end journeys while getting more yield out of a transport budget. Keolis designs transport solutions that are adapted to specific local needs as well as changing commuting patterns. We bring efficiency and innovation to public transport:

  • Operator of all transport modes. From buses and coaches, driverless metros, trams, trains, to bike sharing, parking, car sharing, carpooling, ferries.
  • Sustainable public transport. Keolis constantly strives to minimize its environmental footprint. This commitment is centred on three major priorities: energy transition, waste control and the reduction of water consumption.
  • Transport offer design. From designing ideal urban networks to answering specific transport needs (services for passengers needing assistance, schools, etc.), Keolis’ extensive knowledge of mobility habits combined with company-specific market research techniques facilitate the identification and anticipation of new trends.
  • Digital services. Digital technology is central to the integration and facilitation of multi-modality. Keolis provides travellers with services that simplify and improve their travel experience.
  • water transportation service


    2 Hybrid shuttles in Bordeaux, linking with Tram, Bus and Bike services, 6 ships in Brest and eletric green shuttle in Lorient

  • local public transportation


    Keolis core business includes BRT, Bus and Coach transport operating in over 6 countries, with 25,300 vehicles, of which 1,600 buses are using alternative fuels

  • tram service


    Keolis is the world leader and partner of choice for over 15 government bodies running 675 km of tram network and incorporating over 1,140 tramsets



    Keolis is a historic pioneer in the launch of driverless systems, operating to date nearly 230 km of metro.

  • rail service


    Keolis draws on support from its principal shareholder, the French national rail company SNCF, bringing its expertise in all areas of rail operations and on all scales, from dense, urban commuter rail to inter-city transport and regional high speed rail in Britain. Train key figures: 5,754 km of lines; 1,300 train sets.

  • Car Parking

    As a global car parks operator, EFFIA is the partner of local authorities, infrastructure managers and real-estate investment companies for all their parking needs. Customer satisfaction being its main priority, EFFIA offers a wide range of services adapted to the context of every car park in order to bring added value to the customer. EFFIA operates 300 Parkings and 138,000 spaces


  • "I am pleased to announce this partnership between Keolis and Nesma. Together, we bring best in-class global expertise, combined with strong local knowledge and support.

    Faisal Saleh Al Turki
    Nesma Holding - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia